Mika’s Memory Loss: Brzezinski’s Indignant Reaction on Miley Cyrus is Hypocritical

Mika Brzezinski is really upset.

Upset over Miley Cyrus and her “performance” at the VMAs on Sunday night.

Upset that the media is using it as an excuse to play Miley clips from the show over and over again.

Mika, like many in her audience–particularly women and/or Moms–feel the Cyrus performance was a “disgrace” and “disgusting”. Having said that, the Morning Joe co-host should know how it feels to be seen as a net-negative on the women’s movement front. After all, it was Mika who decided to pose in this photo with co-host Joe Scarborough in Vanity Fair last year.

The goal?

Promote her brand through erotic poses, through sex. But don’t take my word for it…just check out these reviews of the Vanity Fair shoot from two female writers of the the left-leaning Slate and Salon, respectively.

Alyssa Rosenberg, Slate:

“My jaw literally dropped when a friend sent me the link to Vanity Fair’s new joint profile of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski—and I hadn’t even gotten to the text yet. It was the picture that did it: Scarborough in a blue suit and blue, open-collared shirt lounging comfortably in a chair next to a butcher block table. On which is perched Brzezinski, his Morning Joe co-anchor, posed with her left leg skyward, ass just barely covered, balanced on one spindly black high heel. The takeaway: A man is a man and a woman is a table-top ornament.”

Karin Anderson, Salon:

“The notion that women exist primarily for men’s amusement (both on and off the job) seems oh so Mad Men, yet the trend toward depicting public women (especially those whose jobs place them in the realm of politics) primarily as sex objects is alive and well in the 21st century…Looks like it’s Mika’s turn. Not a stripper, you say? Well, what else do we call women who dance on tables for men’s spectatorial enjoyment?”

If that’s the perspective from two respected female writers without an ax to grind, it appears Mika is really no different than Miley.

Ultimately, it’s all about promoting a brand and using a big platform to do so.


Vanity Fair.



Both have the same objective, respectively:

(A) Land a reality show on cable TV (which, believe me…is likely being negotiated between Miley’s people and E! , Bravo or MTV as you read this).

(B) Or…attempt to get more eyeballs on her current cable TV show on MSNBC.

The difference between Miley and Mika?

The 20-year-old isn’t the one playing the role of indignant hypocrite.

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