Missouri GOP Praises Trump For His ‘Both Sides’ Press Conference: ‘Way to Go’


Following President Donald Trump’s comments where he blamed “both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville and essentially defended the alt-right, a large number of Congressional Republicans and other notable conservatives specifically or indirectly criticized the president for his shocking remarks.

However, not all Republicans were willing to push back against POTUS’s message. Shortly after the president’s insane presser, the Missouri GOP sent out the following tweet:

As one would expect, considering the severe backlash Trump has faced in the aftermath of his remarks, the state party has taken some heat for heaping praise on POTUS. The Missouri Democratic Party released a statement calling on prominent state Republicans to call out the president, criticizing the party’s tweet and noting that creates a confusing message:

“Adding to the confusion in the Republican party, the Missouri Republican Party responded to Trump’s press conference yesterday by ignoring his inability to criticize neo-Nazis, instead praising him”

And state legislator Maria Chappelle Nadal invoked the recent NAACP travel advisory on Missouri in her criticism:

However, the Missouri GOP is not back away from the tweet, with executive director telling the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that any “assertion that the tweet or our Party is racist is completely baseless and ludicrous.” He added that the party is with the president in condemning the “morally repugnant acts of violence and hatred that took place in Charlottesville.”

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