Mitch McConnell on Trump’s Tweets: ‘I Haven’t Been a Fan Until This Week’


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is having a good week. He got his beloved tax reform passed, the culmination of a long-felt dream.

He has also, quite famously, never been a fan of President Donald Trump’s prodigious Twitter output, having been on the receiving end of several of the president’s screeds.

That seems to have all changed, however, according to remarks made by McConnell at a press conference he conducted this morning, as the capitol began winding down for the holiday break.

Here is what he had to say, regarding his softening stance on the president’s many, many tweets.

“In regard to the president tweeting, I haven’t been a fan until this week,” he said, flashing that famous McConnell grin. “I’m warming up to the tweets, actually.”

Did Trump’s tone change, suddenly, this week? Yeah, actually, sort of. The president was relatively on message these past few days, congratulating McConnell on several occasions for getting the tax bill through.

McConnell even subtweeted the president, which was accompanied by a looping gif that would be quite funny if someone were to pair it with Lionel Ritchie’s Hello (just saying.)

Or maybe McConnell is just excited that Trump gave a little website called Mediaite a shoutout on his feed the other day.

Nah, it’s probably the tax cuts. It’s definitely the tax cuts.

Watch above, via ABC.

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