Monica Lewinsky Isn’t Planning to Change Her Name

So Monica Lewinsky has sprinkled back into the news this year, forever associated with that infamous indiscretion with Bill Clinton. And if you’re curious why Lewinsky hasn’t changed her name since them, it’s because she doesn’t want to.

New comments by Lewinsky, reported by The New York Post, reveal that she believes she shouldn’t have to change her name because “no one else in the investigation had to” so why should she.

She admits that she worries a lot about her privacy and people “going to the press with my private information” when she does something as simple as looking for an apartment, but Lewinsky is “not ashamed” of who she is and so isn’t changing her last name simply to disassociate herself, by a degree, from that infamous scandal.

Lewinsky gave a speech earlier this year about privacy and online harassment, blaming the Drudge Report for her going from “a completely private figure to a publicly humiliated one.”

[h/t E! Online]
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