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National Review’s Goldberg Wonders If Hannity Wants Hillary Clinton to Win

hannity-goldbergFor the past few weeks, we here at Mediaite have been chronicling all the attention Sean Hannity has been getting for his steadfast Donald Trump support. Despite light suggestions that Trump should stay focused, the driving force behind Fox News’ 10 pm powerhouse these days has been vein-popping anger at #NeverTrump Republicans refusing to get behind Trump.

Hannity, who has supported Trump from the very beginning, says he’ll be blaming those #NeverTrump forces if Trump loses. He’s gone to war with a bunch of different conservatives recently, going all-in on his Trump boosterism. Mediaite columnist John Ziegler broke down that meltdown here.

And so, in the newest phase of Hannity’s America: Civil War, National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg is just straight-up asking if Hannity wants Hillary Clinton to win.

In his weekly G-File newsletter, Goldberg argues that Hannity is, in essence, guaranteeing a Clinton victory so long as he refuses to realize that his candidate needs to change:

Trump isn’t losing because of the #NeverTrump brigades. He’s losing because millions of people who don’t know or care about people like me don’t like the guy or are nervous about him.

Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, Kevin Williamson, Jim Treacher, Guy Benson, Ben Shapiro, Erick Erickson, John Podhoretz, Steve Hayes, George Will, and Peggy Noonan (on the odd-numbered weeks when she doesn’t like Trump) could endorse Trump tomorrow and he’d still be drowning with college-educated Republicans, women, minorities, et al.

Why? Because he’s making a fool of himself, daily.

Hannity went after #NeverTrump Republicans with Laura Ingraham for two nights in a row this week, with Ingraham declaring that it is “immoral” for any self-professed conservative or Republican to not vote for Trump.

Goldberg asked Hannity, “Why are you happy to let him continue to pander to crowds that will already vote for him rather than make the slightest effort to persuade a constituency that would put him over the top?”

And then he made him an offer he can’t refuse:

I mean, if he can’t act presidential for 24 hours as a candidate, are you confident he can be presidential for four years? Why not publicly ask him to try to be a serious person for a week? Let’s see if he can do that. Hey, I’ll tell you what. If he can manage that I’ll reconsider my #NeverTrump position.

On a totally unrelated note, Hannity is hosting an hour-long town hall with Trump on Tuesday:

You can read Goldberg’s full post here.

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