New Obamacare Ads Show How ‘Easy’ It Is to Use


On the same day that President Obama addressed the problems with the Affordable Care Act exchanges website at length from the White House Rose Garden, two new ads have been released on YouTube outlining just how “easy” is to navigate.

With none of the fine-print disclaimers often seen in pharmaceutical commercials that indicate actors are playing “ordinary Americans,” the ads feature two presumably real people who successfully navigated the website, signed up for new health insurance plans, and lived to tell the tale. First, 22-year-old Daniel from Orlando, Florida tells us about how he already had health insurance but went onto the website to see if he could find a cheaper plan.

“Once I was on the site, it was pretty easy for me to compare plans” Daniel says. “I was able to pick a much higher-quality plan, and because of my income as a student, I only pay about 70 bucks a month for it.”

In the second ad, we meet 54-year-old Deborah from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, another American who already had health insurance but was “spending a fortune” each month. “The site was very easy to use,” Deborah says, “and the customer service representatives were patient and helpful.”

The ads are clearly meant to counter the prevailing narrative that the Obamacare website is full of “glitches” and impossible to use. They go several steps further than President Obama, who acknowledged the issues in his speech Monday morning, while still emphasizing the positive aspects of the Affordable Care Act. The president’s speech appropriately addressed the growing concern over the website, but anyone who missed the coverage and only sees these ads will likely think everything’s running perfectly.

Watch President Obama’s remarks below, via CNN:

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