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North Korean Dictator Reportedly ‘Very Drunk’ When He Ordered Executions

When North Korea’s new leader, Kim Jong-un, ordered a spate of recent executions including his high-ranking uncle, analysts who watch developments in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea closely were consumed by what the dramatic moves signaled about the future of the Hermit Kingdom. It turns out, the executions may not signal much beyond the fact that Kim enjoys a imbibing heavily and may have been, ahem, drunk with power.

A report in the U.K. Independent indicated that Kim was “very drunk” when he ordered the executions of two aides close to his uncle last month. The aides had reportedly questioned the new leader’s order to shift control of a privately owned business in North Korea to the military. Both said they had to check with his uncle, Jang Song-thaek, first.

“In all, at least eight people from Jang’s circle were executed in the purge – alongside the director himself,” the Independent’s report reads.

A Japanese newspaper reported, however, that Kim was also intoxicated when he ordered the two aides’ executions.

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