Pence Slams Trump Praising Dictators Kim Jong Un and Putin: We Ought to Be Clear We Stand for Freedom


Former VP and presumed 2024 presidential candidate Mike Pence took a hard swing at Donald Trump in Iowa on Saturday over the ex-president’s recent congratulatory fawning over brutal dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un, as well Trump’s persistent Vladimir Putin praise.

Republicans running for president and not running for president alike gathered in Iowa for the annual Roast and Ride fundraiser, put on by supporters of Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, who hosts the event.

Pence made a style splash with a leather vest earlier in the day and was the only speaker besides Ernst to actually get on a Harley and ride. He later took the stage alongside Vivek Ramaswamy, Larry Elder, Sen. Tim Scott — who also made a fashion statement — and other Republicans to speak to Iowa Republicans in the critical primary state.

Fox News reporters Rich Edson and Paul Steinhauser caught up with the former VP at the event and asked him about Trump’s Truth Social post giving props to Kim Jong Un for North Korea being selected for the World Health Organization’s executive board.

“Look, whether it’s my former running mate or anyone else, no one should be praising the dictator in North Korea,” said Pence. “Or praising the leader of Russia who has launched an unprovoked war of aggression in Ukraine.”

Pence then made it clear that praising such leaders, as Trump did, is contrary to standing for a core American value.

“This is a time when we ought to make it clear to the world that we stand for freedom, and we stand with those who stand for freedom,” he said.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News and @SteinhauserNH1 on Twitter.

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