NY Times Deletes Tweets Scolding Twitter User for Joke About Winner of Crossword Getting to Execute a Pundit


The Twitter account for the New York Times crossword deleted several tweets — which they said violated their “social media guidelines” — that were in response to a joke account satirically posting about the puzzle winner of the day being allowed to “execute one pundit of your choice.”

The Times crossword account quickly replied to the popular Twitter user — a leftist who goes by the handle @DxGGEAUX.

“Woah there, cowperson,” the Times tweeted. “We don’t joke about executing journalists around these parts.”

“It’s not true and it’s not funny. Someone will listen to you and thank you are serious,” they added. “No one on our staff has done anything of the kind and if you had a modicum of compassion, you wouldn’t post something like this.”

The paper’s account continued by saying the joke tweet put “people in danger.”

“People interpret things in ways you can’t even imagine,” they added. “Your ‘joke’ is putting real people’s lives in danger. Do you also yell ‘Fire!’ in theaters?”

In an even more bizarre move than earnestly responding to a shitpost, the Times crossword account began tagging popular media figures who happen to follow @DxGGEAUX and demanding to know if they condone such behavior.

“Like I said, a ‘joke’ about executing journalists is the height of unfunny, especially when you’ve gone through active shooter training as I have,” the Times account wrote, before tagging in “@MollyJongFast, @MaraWilson” and saying “you really follow this person?”

The Times deleted the tweets today, but @DxGGEAUX took and shared screenshots of their altercation.

In their brief explaination, the Times simply tweeted, “We’ve deleted some tweets from yesterday that were against our social media guidelines for the newsroom.”

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