NYT Conservative Bret Stephens’ 11-Year-Old Son Steals The Show on Morning Joe

The New York Times’ controversial new Conservative columnist Bret Stephens is rapidly becoming a regular on Morning Joe. Now that he’s a bonafide MSNBC contributor, you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of him.

During an appearance today to discuss Trump’s disdain for American media and his new column, Stephens was briefly overshadowed by his 11-year-old son. His presence on set watching his dad perform caused a minor stir for the Morning Joe team — who seemed most unused to the presence of children.

“What’s that. Look at that,” said Scarborough pointing off set.

“I don’t know,” Mika responded.

For a moment this Mediaite editor thought a rare lemur had been spotted on set.

In fact, however, it was Stephens’ (soon to be 12-year-old) son standing in partial silhouette behind a camera.

“Are you Bret’s son?” asked Scarborough.

“Oh my gosh, Brett’s son,” said Mika. “That’s so humanizing”

Stephens then said he enjoyed talking politics with him because he was “the more Conservative child,” prompting a round of laugher on set.

Mark Halperin asked if he was hoping for a big tax cut, to which the younger Stephens appeared to confirm that he was.

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