NYT Reporter: Donald Trump is ‘Cyberbullying’ Jeff Sessions


On Morning Joe Wednesday, the gang of regulars still couldn’t make heads or tails of Donald Trump’s repeated broadsides against Jeff Sessions.

The Attorney General and former Alabama Senator was one of Trump’s oldest and most vocal allies, but took on the president’s ire after recusing himself from the Department of Justice’s Russia probe.

Scarborough got the ball rolling in this clip with a question to New York Times reporter and his hair doppelganger, Jeremy Peters.

“Talk about the impact among the base if he were to fire somebody and if he continues disrespecting somebody who has actually believed the same things his whole life and fought for them even back when Donald Trump was giving money to Hillary Clinton, supporting Barack Obama and giving money to Chuck Schumer and others.”

Peters happily obliged by responding that Trump was cyberbullying his Attorney General because he was afraid of a real confrontation.

“Jeff Sessions provided him with an awful lot of political cover in the primaries, when there were conservative Republican voters who looked at Donald Trump and said ‘I don’t know that, that guy believes in what I stand for.’ Jeff Sessions, though, was the embodiment of that conservative national strain of politics that ultimately delivered the White House to Donald Trump,” said Peters

He continued.

“In distancing himself from Sessions, what I will describe as cyberbullying, he’s cyberbullying Sessions into what he hopes will be his resignation because he won’t say it to his face. Despite this image of being a board room tyrant which he’s cultivated for himself, he’s ultimately conflict averse.”

Peters then warned that, Conservative luminaries like Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge were starting to grow restive with the internecine struggles.

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