Trevor Noah: ‘Black People Would Never Cheer For Trump’


On Tuesday night’s episode of the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah laced into President Donald Trump’s now much maligned speech during a West Virginia boy scout jamboree.

At one point, after mocking Trump in an extended gag about how parts of his speech resembled a stand up comedy routine, Noah joked that “black people would never cheer for Trump.”

“The president was killing it so hard he even did the walkaway,” said Noah remarking on Trump’s routine. He then played footage of Trump “joking” about firing his Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. The moment includes Trump stepping away from the podium and raising his arms in jest.

“That’s a move stand-up comedians do when they’ve told a joke so good, they need to give the audience a break,” he said. “So they walk away from the mic.”

Viewers were then treated to a parade of black comedians giving their best zingers and taking in the applause from — we presume — largely black audiences.

Noah smiled at the moment before dropping his observation.

“Black people would never cheer for Trump.”

While Trump overwhelmingly lost African-American voters, his supporters in the black community have formed a vocal cohort in team MAGA. Some of the leading lights include reality star Omarosa Manigault, now serving as
Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, the radio host Larry Elder, and comedy duo Diamond and Silk.

In addition to his observations about black people, Noah also joked about Sean Hannity becoming the mayor of San Francisco. 

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