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‘Obama Girl’ Releases New Video For 2012 Election, Tells President: ‘You’d Better Step Up’

Obama Girl Releases New Video, Tells President: 'You'd Better Step Up'

Amber Lee Ettinger, aka “Obama Girl,” burst onto the scene back in 2007 with her YouTube hit “I’ve Got A Crush On Obama” The video, which has 24 million hits, expressed her support for the President-to-be. She has now conveniently resurfaced, four years later, with a slightly revised and less-hopeful message. Her new song, entitled “Glease,” borrowed the melody from Grease’s “You’re The One That I Want.” As a bonus, the song features fellow YouTube sensation Alphacat, who is known for his spot on Obama impersonations.

In the new video, Ettinger, who refers to the President as “Barry,” calls out Obama for supposedly letting her down in his first term, and urges him to recapture his 2008 mojo.

“You better step up
‘Cuz I need that man
if my old crush on you was true…

You better step up
Because across the land
All our hearts were bet on you”

Alphacat, playing the President, in a sleeveless button down, croons lines like, “Oil spills and occupyin,” and has a Freudian slip early on, replacing “election” with “erection.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Ettinger’s YouTube channel:

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