Of All Things…: Celebrity Cruises Trounces Trump’s Ideology in New Ad


As the number of days before the general election gets smaller and smaller, the political discussion gets more and more heated. It can be overwhelming. It can even be confusing. You may wonder why some of the political references are even there.

A great example of this is the commercial put out by Celebrity Cruises last night. They released an ad to play during the first presidential debate like some companies release them to run during the Super Bowl. Everyone tries to attract a different sort of crowd, you know?

Here’s the ad. See if you can spot why it’s sort of jarring for a cruise line.

“Far from the talk of building walls, far from the threats of keeping people out, far from the rhetoric of fear, is a world of differences — differences that expand and enrich us because, after all, our lives aren’t made better when we close ourselves off to the world; they’re made better when we open ourselves up to it.”

That’s a pretty blatant attack on the ideology of Donald Trump, who has been talking about building walls and enacting bans to keep certain groups of people out of the country.

Bold move for Celebrity Cruises, whose president and CEO Lia Lutoff-Perlo wrote a Medium post about the ad. Here’s what it said:

Exploring the world, encountering cultures, befriending people from other places — to me, that’s learning and growing. That’s life, that’s common sense. That’s the very best part of the business we’re in … [T]he ads also address two topics that a year ago would have been utterly non-controversial: we don’t believe in building walls between people, and we don’t believe fear should hold anyone back from experiencing the world. Political statements? I guess they are now. Even though they represent a view that I — and many others in the travel industry — have held for decades. We don’t divide, we connect; we don’t enclose, we expand. And the logic and the humanity of that approach is apparent to all of us at Celebrity Cruises every single day, because it enriches the lives of every single person involved in our business.

The ad will continue to run, so be sure to pay attention next time it’s on.

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