Oh ‘Boy’: Chris Christie Calls Obama ‘Petulant Child’ Over Gun Executive Action


This weekend, President Obama has announced that he will be taking further executive action on guns in the wake of the horrific attacks that have come at breakneck pace. On this week’s Fox News Sunday, Republican presidential nopeful and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie repeated a popular coded method of calling President Obama “boy” for not knowing his place, and trying to do some presidenting around the issue of guns:

Wallace: President Obama is expected to announce executive action on new gun controls this week to expand background checks, and also to bar more accused domestic abusers from being able to buy guns. Your reaction to that?

Christie: This President is a petulant child. Whenever he can’t get what he wants, because frankly, the American people have rejected his agenda by turning over the House and the Senate to republicans, going from 21 Republican governors when he came into office, now 31, now he wants to act as a king. The fact is if he wants to make changes to these laws, go to congress and convince congress they’re necessary, but this is going to be another illegal executive action which I’m sure will be rejected by the courts. When I become president, they will be stricken from executive action by executive action I will take.

Keep in mind, Christie has no idea what actions Obama will take, let alone their potential legality. Speaking of petulance, Christie went on to say that he actually supports the restriction on guns to terror watch suspects, he just apparently wants Obama to wait for hell to freeze over to do anything about it. Leadership!

Coincidentally, another Republican candidate appeared with Wallace to agree with Obama on the policy, but was equally sure that the executive actions he hasn’t seen would definitely be illegal.

So Jeb Bush also agrees with President Obama on the policy, but he and Christie don’t want him to do anything about it until Congress decides to stop ignoring the 80% of Americans who also want it. Doesn’t this petulant child know his place?

It’s funny how Republicans don’t want President Obama to go through Congress on little things like bombing Syria, but can’t have him taking legal executive actions to try and save women or prevent terrorism here at home. Not haha funny, of course.

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