O’Reilly Claims He Predicted Alexandria Shooting: ‘Unfortunately, My Prophecy Came True’


Bill O’Reilly gave an interview to One America News Network on Thursday night, and he suggested that he foresaw the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise due to the hatred that the “ideological media” has cultivated against the political right.

Speaking with Patrick Hussion, O’Reilly offered his reaction to Scalise’s hospitalization after he and the GOP congressional baseball team came under attack by a left-wing shooter this week. O’Reilly said that the shooting establishes how the left and right-wing media have discarded the rules of journalism, which has resulted in an environment where people are invited to oppose President Trump and Republicans at every opportunity.

“Once you have that, it is not only an attack on the president, but an attack on everybody who voted for Donald Trump. So you’ve got this tremendous hatred…developing between the two camps. So I said, months ago, if this continues, and it obviously is, you are going to have enflamed people going out, and they are going to start to physically hurt people with whom they disagree. Unfortunately, my prophecy came true. That was a political shooting. There was no other motive for it.”

O’Reilly also gave his thoughts about how social media has much to do with the degeneration of political discourse in America. O’Reilly alluded to Megyn Kelly‘s upcoming interview with Alex Jones (curiously without mentioning his former colleague’s name), though he also gave mention to “provocateurs,” Kathy Griffin, and the people behind that Trump-inspired production of Julius Caesar.

“Its easier for Americans to access hate,” O’Reilly said. “They’re numb to it, they see it all the time, and it becomes kind of justifiable.”

In time, O’Reilly tore into the media excitement surrounding the reports about how President Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice. This was before Trump confirmed on Twitter that he is, in fact, facing an investigation over his firing of James Comey.

O’Reilly conceded that there were certain “dubious” people in Trump’s orbit, and Robert Mueller is qualified to clear the air on whether anyone around the president is connected to Russia’s 2016 election-meddling. O’Reilly went on to dismiss the “insane” hysteria the reports generated, however, explaining that Mueller was always bound to pursue the “obstruction” angle as part of his investigation.

“That’s his job! That’s what he was appointed to do,” O’Reilly said. He went on to tear into the media for being “hateful, dishonest, and subversive” for reporting on the matter with the presumption that Trump will be found guilty.

O’Reilly’s appearance on OAN is also noteworthy since there have been reports that the conservative outlet is interested in bringing the former Fox News colossus onto their team.

Watch above, via OAN.

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