Osprey Aircraft Lands In Staten Island, Injures Ten With Falling Debris

Yesterday was a pretty turbulent Memorial Day around the world yesterday, but it probably didn’t hit as many people in America as literally as it did on Staten Island. An Osprey MV-22 aircraft that was performing at an exhibition for New York’s annual Fleet Week showcase landed in the borough’s Clove Lakes Park yesterday, as it is built to land, in such a forceful way that it knocked down trees, pushed around dangerous debris, and injured ten of the about 150 people in attendance.

From the AP report:

A U.S. Marine Corps aircraft’s powerful propellers whipped up a wind that sent branches hurling off a tree and into a crowd of about 150 people watching a Memorial Day demonstration in a park, leaving 10 people with cuts and other minor injuries, officials and a witness said.

As the Osprey MV-22 aircraft landed at Staten Island’s Clove Lakes Park on Monday morning, the wind generated by its twin rotors stirred tree limbs, dirt from a nearby baseball field and other debris into a swirl that sent spectators scattering, witness Ann Hirsch said.

Seven people were taken to a hospital and were released later Monday, Navy officials said in a statement. Three other people refused medical attention for their injuries, firefighters said.

Below is the video of the incident from above, where there are people visibly huddling under a falling tree for cover from the flying park debris, and, under that, a ground-level video of the incident:

[h/t Gawker]

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