comScore Rex Tillerson on Trump Tweets: Our Strategies Are ‘Resilient Enough to Accommodate’ the Unpredictable

Rex Tillerson on Trump Tweets: Our Strategies Are ‘Resilient Enough to Accommodate’ the Unpredictable

There’s a new profile out today of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that includes his rather analytical explanation of how he deals with President Trump‘s tweets.

The interview, as NY Times Magazine‘s Jason Zengerle writes, took place before the President undermined Tillerson on North Korea in a tweet and before, er, moron-gate.

Zengerle asked Tillerson about the President’s tweets and apparently his first reaction was to “let out a short sigh.”

He continued:

“Look, on the president’s tweets,” he said, “I take what the president tweets out as his form of communicating, and I build it into my strategies and my tactics. How can I use that? How do I want to use that? And in a dynamic situation, like we deal with here all the time — and you can go walk around the world, they’re all dynamic — things happen. You wake up the next morning, something’s happened. I wake up the next morning, the president’s got a tweet out there. So I think about, O.K., that’s a new condition. How do I want to use that?” Tillerson continued: “Our strategies and the tactics we’re using to advance the policies have to be resilient enough to accommodate unknowns, O.K.? So if you want to put that in an unknown category, you can. It certainly kind of comes out that even I would say, ‘I wasn’t expecting that.’ But it doesn’t mean our strategies are not resilient enough to accommodate it.”

He talked a bit about his personal relationship with the President as well, saying that there are “other leaders” he’s met with over the years “that share the qualities that he has.”

You can read the full report here.

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