Fox News Anchor: Ivanka Trump Qualified to Sit at G20 Because Her Merchandise Is ‘Hot Online’


While Ivanka Trump has taken heat for briefly substituting for her father at the G20 leader’s table, her actions found refuge in the safe harbors of Fox News — specifically on the couch of Outnumbered.

While many suggested that it might not be the most appropriate thing in the world for the President’s unqualified, unelected, ex-model daughter to occupy such a place, The Outnumbered women — and #OneLukcyGuy Jason Chaffetz said the whole thing was a nothingburger.

“Ivanka Trump, she is part of the administration. She does have her father’s ear. She can actually get things done. and they were talking about a topic in which she’s personally engaged. I think it was wholly appropriate,” said Chaffetz.

That smug commentary was called and raised by couch regular (and one-time toy hamster) Harris Faulkner.  

“It must be so frustrating for Democrats not to have any low hanging fruit. They’re grasping now. They’re really grasping,” she said.  “She is there in a capacity of someone who has run a very successful corporation and her items are selling by the way, hot online.”

The women then redirected to the conversation to Chelsea Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the former first daughter’s recent Twitter spat with Donald Trump.

“I think Chelsea Clinton would have had a major, major role had her mother become president and it’s sort of pot kettle black and you’re just probably feeling a little thirsty that Ivanka’s doing it any you’re not,” huffed Meghan McCain, who then added for good measure that she couldn’t stand Chelsea’s Twitter account.

As the fellow daughter of a failed presidential aspirant, one might expect McCain to have more kinship with Clinton — but it seems not.

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