Parkland Student Gets Sick During Speech: ‘I Just Threw Up On International Television And It Feels Great!’

At today’s March For Our Lives in Washington, D.C., a number of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have taken the stage to speak out against gun violence and call for stricter gun control.

One student who was injured in the horrific Parkland shooting was one of the featured speakers today. At one point, however, a combination of nerves and raw emotion seemed to get the best of Sam Fuentes. But like the true survivor she is, Fuentes powered through and finished her prepared speech.

“And the moment we speak up, we’re scolded that we are not old enough. It’s as if we need permission to ask our friends not to die,” she strongly declared. “Lawmakers and politicians will scream guns are not the issue. But can’t look me in the eye.”

After those lines, Fuentes paused. And then got sick.

As the huge crowd chanted for her, and another woman on stage came over to offer her reassurance, Fuentes took to the mic and owned the moment.

“I just threw up on international television and it feels great!” Fuentes exclaimed to raucous cheers from the audience.

She would then finish up her speech with gusto. Before leaving the stage, she asked the crowd to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a friend of hers who had been senselessly murdered in last month’s shooting. (Today would have been the deceased teen’s birthday.)

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