Pataki Becomes First GOP Candidate to Denounce Trump’s ‘Divisive Rhetoric’


Donald Trump‘s recent remarks about Mexican immigrant rapists have led to an avalanche of people and businesses distancing themselves from him. But among the Republican party, there hasn’t been much public comment about Trump, save for RNC Chair Reince Priebus calling his remarks “not helpful.”

But now former New York governor George Pataki has become the first GOP candidate to call out The Donald:

And in a lengthy press release, Pataki compares what Trump said to how Irish immigrants were once demonized as drunks or how Italian immigrants were demonized as “mobsters” and “dagos.”

Pataki then calls out his Republican rivals:

My fellow Republicans like to talk about how we have to appeal to the Latino vote if we are going to win back the White House. They speak some Spanish, boast about “telling it like it is,” or counsel to not be afraid to lose the primary to win the general – yet so far have been silent when it comes to denouncing these sad and divisive remarks…

As Donald Trump doubles down, I’m asking you to join me in standing up. Stand up for our party, for the ideals that made America great, and stand for the basic decency and integrity entitled to every American, no matter their heritage or nationality.

Join me. Stand up now. Denounce his comments today.

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