People Are Really Piling on the Editors at HuffPo Who Released This Tweet…


Yesterday, Huffington Post‘s executive editor, Liz Heron, posted the following photo to Twitter:

Like many things, this photo, featuring a meeting brimming with white women, made people on the Internet very angry. The women clearly thought they were representative of a diverse workplace, though they seem to have forgotten to hire any people of color for their top spots. Following the prescribed pattern that has worked for angry people online in the past, those who saw this picture started tweeting.

It got predictably sexist:

And even our own Mediaite staff joined in:

Remember when the Internet was becoming more mainstream and we all started getting it in our houses? Remember clunky graphics of kids on surfboards “surfing the net” after typing a keyword into AOL? Man, we did not see the day we’d live on it and conduct all of our fights on it coming, did we?

Happy Saturday!

[image via screengrab]

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