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Roland Martin Rips MSNBC Guest’s Defense of Trump’s Lack of Diversity: ‘Please Don’t Quote Dr. King’

Google, a Champion of Diversity, Fires Employee… For Expressing Himself

Marvel VP Backpeddles Diversity Claims After Withering Criticism Online

CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson: Diversity Push from ‘Smug Liberals’ in Hollywood Is ‘Really Hypocritical’

Comedian Says He Was Fired From Longtime Gig For One Reason: ‘Because I Am a White Man’

Sarcasm and Sincerity Clash in the #IStandForDiversity Tag on Twitter

Obama Just Dropped a Playlist for the End of Summer

Paul Ryan Posts Selfie With All His Interns, Internet Freaks Out Over One Detail…

People Are Really Piling on the Editors at HuffPo Who Released This Tweet…

Obama Dismisses SCOTUS Diversity Criticism: Didn’t Search for ‘Black Lesbian from Skokie’

#NBCSoWhite: Dem Rep. Rips NBC News Over Diversity After Harris-Perry Fallout

Dem Rep.: Where Were the Staffers of Color for All Sanders’ Years in Congress?

Harry Reid: Iowa, NH Have ‘No Diversity,’ Future of Nation Shouldn’t Be Dependent on Them

Meryl Streep on Lack of Film Festival Diversity: ‘We’re All Africans Really’

Hillary Clinton Reacts to #OscarsSoWhite Controversy: ‘Overdue’

President Obama Addresses #OscarsSoWhite: Diversity ‘Makes for Better Art’

SNL Vaporizes Hollywood For Snubbing Black Actors At Awards Show

Actress Julie Delpy: Sometimes I Wish I Were Black, Hollywood Worse for Women

The Academy Responds to #OscarsSoWhite, Announces Efforts to Double Minority Members

Academy Members on #OscarsSoWhite: ‘Extremely Offensive’ to Suggest We’re Racists

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