Person Trump Retweeted in Anti-CNN Tirade Claims President-Elect Edited His Tweet First

In his correction, he falsely accused CNN of something they didn't do.  

Donald Trump loves to insult CNN for being biased against him. The digs at CNN come in spite of the fact that they hired Kayleigh McEnanyScottie Nell HughesJeffrey Lord, and even former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to rep the pro-Trump angle on their broadcasts. Last night, he did it again in a tweetstorm aimed at the news giant. While tying a flurry of his own missives, he manually retweeted someone who goes by @FiIibuster on Twitter.

After that, @FiIibuster, who identifies himself as a 16-year-old Trump fanatic, tweeted out what appears to be evidence that Trump himself added the “Bad reporter” part of the tweet. His tweet was intended to discredit CNN further, but it didn’t quite work.

Trump was going after Jeff Zeleny in the tirade, yes, but if we may be so bold, even @FiIibuster’s correction got something wrong: It wasn’t “dishonest” CNN that attributed the “bad reporter” quote to him; it was, as evidenced by his screengrab, Politico.

Anyway, there you have it. Trump edits the tweets he manually retweets when he wants to, which might be why he hasn’t switched to the newer, cleaner “quote tweet” function.

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