PETA’s Most Controversial Publicity Stunts

The animals rights activist group PETA launched a new website that’s rather, er, racy. In its latest publicity stunt, the group took their message online to an .xxx domain. That’s right,

Slate notes that “while the photos on the website aren’t exactly safe for work, they may also be the most tame to be hosted at the porn-specific triple-x domain.” It essentially features barely-clothed women promoting vegetarianism and porn stars like Sasha Grey discussing their involvement with the group.

But PETA’s no stranger to controversy, with its print and video ads alike having a provocative history. Moreover, the organization’s also held some unconventional, attention-seeking demonstrations. Ranging from Nazi comparisons to Playboy models, the list is a long one. Here’s a look at a few of PETA’s most controversial publicity stunts.

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