Piers Morgan Rants on Charleston: ‘Your Gun Culture Is Disgusting’


Piers-Morgan-1British journalist Piers Morgan lashed out on Twitter on Thursday, blaming the NRA and American gun culture for the Charleston massacre. Morgan labelled the fascination of guns as “disgusting” before writing a series of scathing remarks on the role guns have had in violent incidents in recent years.

During his time with CNN, Morgan previously established himself as a major proponent for gun control. Morgan’s tweets became a flood of criticism towards the NRA, writing, “Where are you today NRA? Want to tell us the bible group should have all had guns too?” Morgan also addressed how suspect Dylann Roof was given his gun by his father as a birthday gift, later posting Roof’s photo next to Adam Lanza, the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook Massacre in 2012.

Morgan then predicted that there would be an increase in gun sales in South Carolina, saying it was the only way that America knows how to react to a crisis. When confronted by those asking whether it was the fault of gun culture rather than the person using them, Piers defended his tweets as well as a recent post to the Daily Mail.

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