Politico Editor: Romney Campaign ‘Tense,’ Chaotic, ‘Desperately Needs Some Success’

Conservative presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s campaign could use a little TLC, according to POLITICO editor-in-chief John Harris, who told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Monday that the former Massachusetts governor’s team is in disarray and full of suspicion.

After Baldwin pointed out that strategist Stuart Stevens reportedly scrapped Romney’s entire RNC convention speech eight days out, Harris said:

“We tend to think that Mitt Romney is a very buttoned-down guy, somebody who comes from a corporate background, crisp, well-organized…that may be the case with Romney personally, it’s not true of his campaign. We see that there’s a certain amount of chaos that just flies around that campaign. It tends to be last minute, improvisational, that’s what we saw with the speech. It also tends to be divided by different factions. That’s something that happens pretty frequently when you’ve got a campaign in trouble.”

Baldwin quoted from the aforementioned POLITICO report on the Romney camp’s struggles and pile of mishaps, to which Harris responded, “When things aren’t going well, the recriminations within campaigns start. The finger-pointing starts, the background leaks start. The only thing that can shoo that away is success. The Romney campaign desperately needs some successes, they need a big break in the news, they need to create their own break with some policy initiatives. They need some polls that show them regaining momentum or you’re going to hear this kind of chorus of criticism.”

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The mood within the Romney campaign, Harris believes, is “very tense. I think there’s a lot of mutual suspicion within the campaign of different sides. That’s never a winning formula. Effective campaigns tend to be very unified…and clearly we’re seeing some of that missing with Mitt Romney.”

Harris may not think the Romney camp is doing well, but right-leaning commentator S.E. Cupp said earlier today that the reelection of President Barack Obama would not be “the end of the party as we know it. We will not be shutting down the party if Romney does not win.”

Watch below, via CNN:

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