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Poll: Obamacare Edges into Popularity

A new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found steadily improving numbers for the Affordable Care Act, with the law’s favorability rating inching above its infavorables for the first time in two and a half years.

Barely, that is. Kaiser was quick to point out the law’s above-water status was “albeit by one percentage point, and the difference is within the survey’s margin of sampling error and is not statistically significant.”

Nonetheless, it follows a modestly upward trend for the laws popularity. Its unfavorability rating has fallen 11 points since its height last summer, while its favorability rating has climbed 10 points since its November 2013 nadir after the debacle. Have a graph, via Kaiser:

It’s unclear what’s causing this improvement. (The law’s salutary effect on the uninsured rate has gone mostly unreported by major news outlets.) Kaiser found that whether you believe the law has personally benefited you varies almost entirely by partisan affiliation, with only 5% of Republicans believing the law has helped them, versus 32% of Democrats. Independents split the difference.) A majority in all groups believe the law has not affected them. Respondents were also largely unaware the program’s price tag had dropped, with an even 50% believing the program was costing more than expected.

Perhaps most heartening for the law’s supporters: 41% believe it should be repealed or scaled back, while 46% believe it should be expanded or further implemented as is. Those aren’t good numbers for the slew of GOP candidates who still call for the repeal and replacement of the program.

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