President Trump Is ‘Crazed’ About Russia: Bill O’Reilly Reveals Why Comey Was Fired


During his first post-Fox interview, Bill O’Reilly was asked by Glenn Beck how he feels about Donald Trump firing James Comey.

The answer was surprisingly simple.

“Donald Trump does not trust James Comey!” said the former Fox News host, insisting he knows it “to be a fact.”

The two conservatives went back and forth about incompetent anchors covering the issue, and then in a later segment, how they see the media as being dishonest about Comey’s firing because left-leaning pundits had formerly expressed distaste for the FBI director after he dropped the October surprise of a lifetime on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

To O’Reilly, the firing boils down to three things, which he covered in the segment we have clipped above:

Number one, [Trump] doesn’t like he fact that Comey is unpredictable. Don’t know what he’s going to do. Now, that might be a compliment to Comey. He’s unpredictable. Number two, that Comey would not aggressively investigate the leaks that have plagued the Trump administration since he was inaugurated … he was not investigating those leaks. Number three, Russia. President Trump is crazed about it, emotionally involved with it. He believes that from the beginning, his enemies in the press and in the Democratic party have used the Russia thing to delegitimate his victory, so he’s very emotionally and tightly wound about Russia. He did not trust Comey to do an honest investigation.

Watch above to see O’Reilly share this information, which — again — he insisted is all factual.

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