Pundits on Twitter Freak Out When Marco Rubio Posts Bible Verses



Online pundits were taken aback by two Twitter posts by Senator Marco Rubio on Tuesday that quoted Bible verses:

Leah McElrath of Shareblue, a left-wing website owned by David Brock, played up the Florida Republican’s Tweets and added her own speculation about them:

Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post replied to McElrath with even wilder speculation about Senator Rubio. Politico’s Marc Caputo chimed in and pointed out the politician’s religious background, but Rubin retorted with further scorn for Rubio:

Charles C. W. Cooke of National Review added further detail to Caputo’s point about the senator’s churchgoing by pointing out that the first Tweet was a direct quote of the daily Mass reading from the Catholic Church.

Esquire‘s Charles Pierce, however, called it “oddly terrifying”:

The freak-outs led to mocking posts from conservatives on Twitter.

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