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‘Quite a Throwaway Line There’: CNN Host Expresses Shock at Trump Adviser’s Dismissal of Hacking

While speaking to ex-Congressman and current Trump adviser Pete Hoekstra this afternoon, CNN host Jim Sciutto was taken aback with Hoekstra’s cavalier attitude towards foreign hacking of American political institutions, wondering if he was saying America should “let it pass.”

Following President-elect Donald Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin today over Putin’s announcement that he wouldn’t retaliate for President Obama’s sanctions over Russian hacking, Sciutto wanted to know if Trump was sending a message to other countries that their cyber attacks would go undeterred, especially since he won’t even grant that Russia was behind the hacking.

Hoekstra responded by calling the report from Homeland Security and the FBI “pathetic in trying to make a compelling case” that the Russians were trying to influence the election. The former GOP lawmaker added that all they showed is that Russians most likely hacked a political party’s database and leaked a tremendous amount of info for public consumption.

“That’s quite a throw-away line there, Congressman Hoekstra,” Sciutto exclaimed. “Because I’m an American and I listen to that, I hear foreign actor hacked into political organizations in the US and they strategically leaked it out during an election campaign. That sounds to me, whether that’s Republican or Democrat or any other party, that sounds to me like something serious.”

He added, “Are you saying heck it’s another part of the Wild West in the cyberspace and we as a country should let that pass?”

Check out the clip above, via CNN, to see how Hoekstra responded.

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