Rachel Maddow: Tea Party Movement Already Falling Apart?

Here is further proof that the Tea Party movement may be a great brand, which has been lately “elevated by the media into a political force to be reckoned with in 2010” — as I noted yesterday — but is suffering for lack of leadership and organization.

On last night’s show Rachel Maddow highlighted yesterday’s thinly attended, badly organized Tea Party protest at the Detroit Auto Show (it was reported by Politico in advance). She goes on to note that one of the reasons (other than the temperature) the protest may have lacked attendees is that another Michigan-based Tea Party group had asked people not to attend. Chaos ensued! Not really, but this is just a small example of the national problem the movement (such as it is) faces: they have a great brand and no leader (or bank account). Combine that with a Republican party desperate for platform to get behind and the likely result is ten months of establishment politicos exploiting the brand to the best of their ability. Maddow video on Tea Party “hijacking” below.

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