Rep. Allen West: I’ve ‘Heard’ Up To 80 House Democrats Are Communist Party Members

On Tuesday, Rep. Allen West spoke at a town hall in Florida. During his appearance, he told the crowd he’s “heard” that up to 80 House Democrats are members of the Communist Party.

The Palm Beach Post reported on the event, adding that West “wouldn’t name names” to back up his assertion. Currently, there are 190 Democrats in the House.

West also took a shot at President Obama. “I really wish that, standing here before you, was Allen West and President Obama,” West said. “We could have a simple discussion. But that ain’t ever gonna happen.”

An audience member asked, “Why not?”

“‘Cause he was too scared!” West responded, in what the Post called a “mocking” voice.

Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy reacted by saying that “[t]he bottom line is Allen West is trying to make it in the press with comments that don’t even make sense. He’s trying to make headlines, get a rise out of people and not get anything done.”

Fox News’ Chad Pergram tweeted a response from a West spokesperson, saying West was referring to the Progressive Caucus:

(H/T Palm Beach Post via HuffPost)

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