Rep. Barney Frank Won’t Invite President Obama To His Wedding

Rep. Barney Frank is poised to become the first member of Congress in history to be in a same-sex marriage soon, and while his party, particularly in his home state of Massachusetts, had much to do with the rights of same-sex couples to marry, the chief executive of the Democrats (and the nation) is not invited. The reason, Rep. Frank told C-SPAN? “It would ruin the party to have the Secret Service.”

Rep. Frank had no ill words for the President, but made clear when asked on C-SPAN this weekend that he was not amenable to doing anything that would jeopardize the peace of his festivities. As he told the network:

“If he and Michelle wanted to come, I would be delighted and honored to have him, but he will bring the Secret Service. I would be flattered to have the president do that, but it would ruin the party to have the Secret Service. I’m not critical of them, but they can go take their layered protection of the president somewhere else. Not to my party.”

The Congressman announced his plan to marry fiance Jim Ready in January; the wedding is scheduled for this summer.

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