Report: Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker Demotes Donor’s Son After Uproar Over Hire

If the past week has shown us anything, it’s that, in the middle of a massive, nationally-covered financial debate, it’s best to be careful about how you treat your own money. Just as Rep. Sean Duffy, Snooki, and Bristol Palin have all gotten in trouble over the size of their paychecks, Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker stepped in a PR minefield by giving one out. It was reported that he had hired an unqualified donor’s son to a cushy $81,500 a year job. Today, the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the paper which first wrote of the hire yesterday, is reporting that Walker has demoted the young man in response.

The employee was Brian Deschane, a 27-year-old with no college degree and a couple of DUI convictions who was apparently only hired because his father, Jerry Deschane, a lobbyist whose organization has sent $121,000 Walker’s way over the past couple years. (By the way, how much do you think it sucks to be Deschane right now? You’re all set for your new job and then the entire national media is writing about how totally unqualified you are. I know he’ll probably be fine what with having insane connections and all, but sometimes you hope someone doesn’t have a Google alert for their name.) A few hours after the story broke, Walker announced that Deschane would be demoted and would lose the 26% raise he just received.

The Journal Sentinel further twisted the knife in their reporting of the demotion by pointing out who Deschane beat for the job:

“Brian Deschane – the 27-year-old son of a prominent lobbyist – was demoted on Tuesday following a public uproar over his appointment to a cushy job earning $81,500 per year working in Gov. Scott Walker’s administration.

But check out the two candidates Deschane beat out to get the position as head of environmental and regulatory affairs in the state Department of Commerce:

The first, Oscar Herrera, is a former state cabinet secretary under Republican Gov. Scott McCallum with a doctoral degree and eight years’ experience overseeing the cleanup of petroleum-contaminated sites.

The second, Bernice Mattsson, is a professional engineer who served since 2003 in the post to which Deschane was appointed.

By contrast, Deschane has no college degree, little management experience and a couple of drunken-driving convictions. His father represents a trade group that gave more than $121,000 to Walker and his running mate.”

So, remember, when money’s tight and you’re making bold stands, it’s best not to throw your cash at the Brian Descanes and Snookies of the world.

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