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Reporter Defending Rahm Emanuel Threatens To “Deck” Another Reporter

Apparently political reporting is one step away from fisticuffs. Following Carl Paladino‘s altercation with New York Post reporter Fred Dicker the other week, Rahm Emanuel had his own Paladino moment with reporters the other day…sort of. Actually it seems two reporters had a Paladino moment with each other.

At a campaign stop yesterday William Kelly, a radio host at Chicago’s conservative talk radio station WIND, attempts to question Rahm about whether he benefited personally from the government’s Wall St. bailout, and if he’d managed to straighten out his residency issues yet. His persistence apparently begins to annoy the other reporters attending the event who (much to his chagrin!) ask Kelly if he’s a “real reporter.”

Eventually local CBS affiliate reporter Jay Levine butts in front of him to cut off his access to Emanuel, but that doesn’t stop Kelly from continuing with his questions while Emanuel attempts to give a statement. This proves too much for Levine, who turns around and shouts “Let him finish or I’m going to deck you!” So more defending his ability to get some uninterrupted copy than Rahm himself, but near fisticuffs nonetheless. Sweet home Chicago! Rahm meanwhile, no doubt aware this is going to pop up on YouTube before the day is out, beats a quick and quiet exit. Video below.

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