RFK Jr. Accepts Musk’s Invitation For a Twitter Space Event to Discuss His 2024 Run

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Credit: AP

Robert Kennedy Jr., who is running for president as a Democrat, challenging President Joe Biden, accepted an offer Friday from Elon Musk to appear on Twitter Spaces to discuss his candidacy.

The exchange happened on Twitter after Kennedy shared that his campaign team’s Instagram account was suspended. Musk extended the offer to Kennedy today, and Kennedy quickly accepted and offered up a time on Monday, June 5 at 2:00 PM ET.

Kennedy announced his bid for president in April, but it has been generously referred to as a “long shot.” The legacy Democrat, who has been outspoken against vaccines (before and during the COVID pandemic). His posting of COVID misinformation resulted in his personal Instagram account being suspended back in 2021, but it’s unclear why his campaign’s account was suspended. (His official campaign site no longer has an Instagram account featured on it, but it does have Facebook and Twitter links.) This single issue puts him more in line with many on the right, like Republican nominee Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) who has regularly spoken out against the vaccines. RFK Jr. is following DeSantis in accepting a spot on Twitter Spaces, where DeSantis made his presidential announcement.

DeSantis’s Twitter Spaces audio-only announcement was deemed a disaster for the Republican candidate. Before it even began, technical glitches marred the announcement before it was ultimately scrapped and switched to David Sacks’s account. To say it was a bumpy start would be an understatement — but it certainly made headlines.

The upside for Kennedy is that Musk’s Twitter event could bring a large audience of people who, like Kennedy, are interested in disruption.  For his part, Musk is no stranger to stirring pots of controversy for the sake of an audience. This appearance hasn’t been finalized, but that feels like a good amount of time to work on any technical issues that might arise — as many a social media user has pointed out.


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