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Rick Sanchez Had Massive Promotion For His Book, And Sold… Hundreds

Rick Sanchez has been on the air promoting Conventional Idiocy a lot recently – 36 times in the last three weeks.

So how did the book sell? According to numbers Mediaite obtained from Bookscan, Sanchez’ book sold 802 copies in its first week.

The Bookscan number is generally the accept metric in the book world, although it doesn’t cover the entire marketplace. The number could be more like 1,000. It is currently ranked 3,972 on Amazon and 14,307 on Barnes & Noble.

Compared to the rest of the book market, according to Drudge: the top book was Stephen Hawking‘s with 32,460, followed by David Limbaugh‘s with 15,439. Meghan McCain‘s book sold 2,644 and Arianna Huffington‘s sold 1,985.

Sanchez has talked about his book dozens of times during his three hours each day on CNN, but he has also shown up on American Morning to talk about it and the Situation Room. Every day last week, Ali Velshi had Sanchez on to talk about the book as well (and there was the Larry King exchange last month).

Clearly the hosts of another cable outlet, FNC, sell books at a significantly higher level. Keith Olbermann has a book out next month, so we’ll get to see MSNBC as well.

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