Romney Face Tattoo Guy: I Don’t Think Mitt Can Win Presidency in 2016

The man who infamously got his face tattooed with the logo of Mitt Romney‘s presidential campaign in 2012 announced today that he would not support him in 2016, which, we guess, makes Romney his ex-girlfriend.

“He’s going to say something later on to mess it up,” the man, Eric Hartsburg, told BuzzFeed. “You are waiting for him to shoot himself in the foot. It’s going to look real good and then — bam something else — he screws it up.”

Hartsburg was paid $15,000 to get the logo permanently tattooed on his face in October of 2012, and he proudly kept it on until three weeks after Romney lost the election.

While Hartsburg thought that a Romney 2016 run had “something in it for me,” he eventually realized that, even if Romney had a chance of winning, he still wouldn’t support the former governor this time around. Hartsburg had prioritized the economy in 2012, but now, believing that the economy would never rebound, he will vote based on LGBT issues (“That’s the civil rights movement of our time”).

His advice:

If Romney does ultimately run in 2016, Hartsburg’s advice for him is to “keep your mouth shut, there is always someone recording. Don’t mess it up. It might be too late for that guy…”

That advice is probably worth $15 grand.

[Image via Eric Hartsburg/Facebook]

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