Rubio and Christie Trade Jabs Over the Other One Never Showing Up For Work


Chris Christie and Marco Rubio have squared off with each other over the past two days, as each attacked the other for campaigning for the White House at the expense of their political state responsibilities.

As The Hill noted, Christie opened things up at an Iowa town hall, where he said that Rubio might’ve opposed the Omnibus spending bill and threatened to block it in Congress, but proved his threats empty by not showing up to stop it.

“He was totally opposed to it and didn’t go there to vote no,” Christie told his audience. “Dude, show up to work and vote no, right? Just show up to work and vote no, and if you don’t want to, then quit.”

Later on, Rubio responded by saying that Christie’s use of that line of attack belied his own desperation, and that he found it interesting that Christie was one to talk while campaigning as governor.

“Chris Christie is a funny guy, but he’s never in New Jersey, he’s gone half the time,” Rubio said on Fox & Friends. “What’s happening, unfortunately, with some of these folks that you’ve mentioned, they’re growing increasingly desperate and increasingly nasty. I’m not running against them, I’m running for president.”

Rubio further defended himself by saying that the reason he has been campaigning during Senate votes was because Washington is broken under the Obama administration, and the votes “don’t count.”

Watch the Christie town hall in the video above, via Matthew Smith.

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