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Limbaugh: ‘Lied To Yet Again’ By Obama As Stock Market Plummets Despite ‘Needed’ Deal

Rush Limbaugh saw panic on Wall Street as stocks plunged and he wondered “didn’t they tell us that the stock market would do exactly what it’s doing if we defaulted?” He concluded about the Obama administration that Americans were “lied to yet again” and half-jokingly surrendered, “we may as well default, it’s going to happen at some point down the road.”

Rush continued his assault on Obama by alleging “he doesn’t care about creating jobs” and demonstrating that even Arianna Huffington doesn’t believe Obama anymore when he claims to be focusing on jobs. Yet Rush got most fired up talking about liberal economic beliefs and how morally inferior they are to his preferred philosophy:

“Economic justice, no matter how they try to dress it up, economic justice or social justice really just boils down to Democrats taking people’s money who won’t vote for them and giving it to people who will.”

Therefore there is no compromise with such thinking, Rush argues, since “how do you compromise with something that is wrong?” Slavery was wrong, and there was no compromising with people who believed in it, and according to Rush, compromising with Democrats today is similar. And sorry women, Rush knows you like to compromise and hate fighting, but deal with it, because Rush says “somebody is going to have to win!”

Watch the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show below:

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