Limbaugh: The GOP Establishment Is Saying ‘Screw You’ To Every Candidate But Romney

Rush: The GOP Establishment Is Saying 'Screw You' To Every Candidate But Romney 

Things are getting intense in the race for the Republican nomination. As Rush Limbaugh warned his listeners, “people who are losing close friends over this primary race.” And things don’t appear to be any closer to being settled. To make matters worse, CNN is reporting that there is an awful lot of “whispering” amongst Republicans about another candidate appearing. Limbaugh read that article and agreed that there was a whisper campaign from the GOP establishment, but he saw the message as being much more blunt; if you’re not Mitt Romney, screw you.

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Limbaugh sees any talk of an open convention as an insult to anyone who’s worked hard while the establishment favorite faltered. And he didn’t see much promise in an open convention itself.

“What do you think Santorum and Newt are gonna do? You think they’re just gonna lie down and let the establishment run an open convention and pretend these guys don’t even exist? For those of you who are intrigued by the concept of an open convention, I understand that, but who do you think is gonna run it? The Tea Party isn’t gonna run it. It would be fun. They’re gonna try, no doubt. They would try, but the same Republican establishment that’s gotten the party in this mess is the same bunch of people who would run the open convention.”

Of course, not all the whispers have been pro-Romney or anti-People Who Aren’t Romney. Limbaugh explained that there were “cracks in the establishment” and he was hearing whispers from some about how that Santorum guy ain’t half bad.

Really, though, everyone just needs to stop whispering and speak up. No wonder they’re losing friends.

Listen to the clip below:

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