Limbaugh Trashes MSNBC: ‘You Know What We Call People Obsessed With Race? Racists’

Rush Trashes MSNBC: 'You Know What We Call People Obsessed With Race? Racists' 

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh attacked MSNBC on his program today after listing a series of words that the cable news network has determined to be racially coded defamations of President Barack Obama. “You know what we call people obsessed with race? Racists,” said Limbaugh. “Really what we have here is blatant bigotry and racism on this network of holier-than-thou liberals.”

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Limbaugh said that Democratic supporters have nothing positive to say about Obama’s tenure which is why there has been a recent increase in charges of covert or overt racism on the part of Republicans. “They have now descended into the only thing they’ve got, which is criticism, mischaracterization, impugning of their opponents,” said Limbaugh.

“MSNBC has decided that, no matter what, it’s racist,” said Limbaugh. “They are a political operation – MSNBC is not a news network.”

“They are nothing more than a Super PAC. They are nothing more than an arm of the campaign,” Limbaugh continued. “The charge they’ve been given is to run around on TV and to say that everything every Republican is saying is racist, because they don’t have anything else.”

“Even using the word ‘Chicago’ was said to be racist,” said Limbaugh, noting that he was unclear as to the genesis of that charge other than President Barack Obama lives there. “it’s all nonsensical.”

Limbaugh went on to criticize MSNBC host Touré, who said that Romney’s campaign was engaging in the “niggerizaiton” of Obama. “Nobody understood that, and even, at the time, that was so overboard that they appealed to Touré’s better angels and asked him to apologize while saying it again.”

“Can’t say ‘Hussein,’ can’t say ‘birth certificate,’ can’t say ‘Barack,’ Can’t say ‘Obama,” Limbaugh went on. “Cant’s say ‘Chicago,’ can’t say ‘PGA,’ can’t say ‘golf’ – it’s all racist.”

“I knew that with the election of Obama, every bit of criticism would be said to be racist. I never thought it would get this insane,” Limbaugh concluded. “It really is pathetic.”

Listen to this segment below via The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show:

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