Sam Nunberg Blasts ‘White Trash Scumbag’ Corey Lewandowski: I’ll Report Your ‘Swampy’ Lobbying


Hey, remember that time when Sam Nunberg went on an explosive, full-throttle media blitz that was equal parts highly entertaining and completely insane? Well, this sorta looks like that, but on Twitter.

It isn’t clear what set off Nunberg on Tuesday morning, but he got online and threatened to take action against “white trash scumbag” Corey Lewandowski if the former Donald Trump campaign manager speaks about him ever again.

He wasn’t done yet though. Nunberg also called Lewandowski a “bottom dweller scumbag”, dug up his old affair with Hope Hicks and cited the reports that he was pushed out of Trump’s 2016 campaign because the president’s children seriously disliked him.

Never a dull moment.

UPDATE: Now Nunberg is fighting with Cheri Jacobus when she noted the reporting she did on the Trump campaign.

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