Sam Nunberg Will Reportedly ‘Go Get Treatment’ After Testifying for Mueller Probe


The Sam Nunberg saga looks like its on the verge of coming full circle.

Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino announced on Twitter that he’s been in contact with Nunberg, the former Trump aide who seems to have gone dark after his wild Monday media tour. Evidently, Nunberg confirmed he will cooperate with Robert Mueller after all, and he plans to get help of some kind after his testimony before the grand jury on Friday.

Yesterday, Gasparino appeared with Liz Claman and spoke about his own correspondence with Nunberg.

“He told me this stuff that he wanted to go public with it,” Gasparino said. “I asked him three times, whether he was sure and is he of sound mind to do this. He told me he was drinking…I just watched him on MSNBC and CNN and the man needs help.”

In light of the crazy statements Nunberg made on cable news in the last 24 hours, a lot of people wonder if he was drunk or somehow unhinged during his numerous media interviews. Nurnberg insisted he was fine yesterday, but he told Erin Burnett that he was taking antidepressants, and the CNN host said she could smell alcohol on his breath.

Several of Nunberg’s associates told reporters they were concerned about his behavior and suspected he was intoxicated. The commotion has also raised questions about whether it was journalistically irresponsible for so many outlets and reporters to speak with Nunberg if he was noticeably unwell at the time.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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