Sarah Palin Calls Glenn Beck In Response To Media Matters: ‘They Must Be Desperate’

The other day Media Matters founder David Brock called on Sarah Palin to publicly stand up against Glenn Beck‘s “erratic” so-called violence-inciting behavior. Said Brock:

“So, Sarah Palin, right now, in our view, needs to step up. She needs to step up because she`s a leader of the Republican Party, of the conservative movement.”

Uh huh. If I didn’t know better I’d think Brock was merely gunning for some good SEO here because otherwise this is pretty dumb. Anyway, today Glenn Beck called Sarah Palin (“You’re like Obi-Wan Kenobi! You’re our only hope!”) at her home in Alaska to find out whether she was going to renounce him publicly at the behest of Media Matters. Answer: No.

OK Glenn, from my kitchen table in Wasilla here’s the deal. You are up against one of the richest…and most powerful men in the world…the extreme left wing king, with many, many minions! So when I speak of your love of our Founding Fathers, and how you’re helping to educate Americans about respecting our nation’s history so we don’t lose what makes America exceptional. And the far left wing mouth pieces their twisting and spinning and perverting that message. I go back to what Abraham Lincoln said about standing anybody with who stand with anybody that stands right…I stand with you, Glenn.

Cue lots of laughter. Palin goes on to say that Brock’s decision to call on Palin shows “how pathetic their argument is that they would be that desperate to reach out to me to say you need to stop Glenn Beck.” Such self-awareness! Also, I suspect Palin has to worry more about Beck standing up against her at some point in the next year, than vice verse. In the meantime it’s happy hour on the radio and Media Matters can wring ten more posts out of today’s spot. Interestingly, while we’re on the subject of Sarah Palin standing up, at the end of the segment talk turned to third parties and Palin appeared to subtly call out Karl Rove for being “entitled.” Watch below.

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