Sarah Palin Draws First 2015 Outrage by Posting Photos of Son Stepping on Dog


It did not take long for Sarah Palin to find herself embroiled in controversy this year. To celebrate New Year’s Day, the reality TV star and former Alaska governor posted this series of photos of her son Trig, who decided to use the family dog as a step stool so he could do the dishes (almost) all by himself:

In the last 22 hours, Palin’s post has racked up more that 50,000 “likes” but many of the comments accuse Palin of promoting animal cruelty.

Here are just a few examples:

Entirely not shocking from her. She shouldn’t be responsible for a pet rock. And the dog can’t move with a child standing on its abdomen. Just because it tolerates it, does not make it fair nor right. That’s when adults should be the RESPONSIBLE PARENT and teach the child appropriate boundaries

OMG make him get off that poor dog!!!! What’s wrong with you to allow your child to do this. Teach your child to respect animals they have feelings too and can feel pain!!

Im a Conservative Republican and I will say this is absolutely abusive. Animals are people pleasers and will do anything their people want them to do, this is sad that Sarah can’t teach her children to respect animals personal space..this type of thing is something that can turn into a tragedy for the dog AND the child. Setting both up for failure. UGH.

Hmm, I wonder if your pictures could be used as evidence that you treat your dog inhumanely? Your little boy doesn’t know this is wrong, but you should!

Instead of taking pics of this she should have immediately taken this chops off the dog and explained why we don’t do this to dogs. This is abuse and that could seriously injure that dog and when it does that dogs going to attack and then be put down.

Of course, there was also a few defending of dog-stepping who claimed the animal would have just moved if he had been uncomfortable, but those sentiments were few and far between. At least Palin gave The New York Times’ Gail Collins something new to write about

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