Sarah Palin Makes A Surprise Appearance On Glenn Beck

Cue collective head explosion. Glenn Beck was doing one of his live audience shows last night — among other things, advocating against violent protests — and who should appear but Fox News analyst Sarah Palin! Palin was apparently on Beck’s mind when he heard about some armed protests in Alaska so he asked her to come on. I happen to find that the two together weirdly cancel each other out; the result being far more low key than you might suspect. (Or surreal, depending how accustomed you are to Beck.) But nevertheless!

To begin, Beck cleared up some misreporting from last month about Palin’s “reality show” which it turns out is not about her family at all, but about pioneers and Alaska. Beyond that, Palin concurs that violence is not the answer while reiterating her lack of faith in newspapers, and dislike for health care. Video below.

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