Sarah Sanders on Trump’s Golfing: ‘It’s the Press That Has an Issue With His Time on the Course’


During his holiday break, President Donald Trump spent quite a bit of time at the links, at one point golfing for five days straight despite saying he was going to get “back to work” right away. Considering that the president heavily criticized his predecessor for golfing too much, and Trump ended up visiting a golf course at least 88 times in his first year as president, it was a given White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would field at least one question about POTUS’s golfing habits at the first daily briefing of 2018.

Asked if the president has a bit of a transparency issue when it comes to his golf course visits and whether the White House has “some kind of issue about his” golfing, Sanders turned the question back around on the media.

“I think it’s the press that has an issue with his time on the course,” Sanders stated. “The president is extremely proud of the accomplishments we had during 2017.”

After claiming that no one “can argue” that Trump enjoyed one of the “most successful first years in office” of any president, the press secretary said that part of that was due to the “relationship building” he was able to do on the golf course.

Sanders was then pressed on why the White House wouldn’t give a readout or confirmation of these important meetings on the links, answering that the administration would release information when it was “pertinent.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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