Scarborough: Fox & Friends May Cause Trump to ‘Tweet Out That Martians Are Coming’


On Sunday, Joe Scarborough promised me personally that there would be no talk of “President Kelly” on Monday’s broadcast.

Since becoming Chief of Staff, multiple outlets have reported that the ex-Marine General has imposed military discipline on the White House — even reportedly vetting some tweets. Scarborough has often mocked aides whose power and influence has risen above their station. (see President Bannon).

“I’m a chain of command guy,” he tweeted, saying Trump deserved credit for the wise appointment.

The host kept his word on Monday’s show, with general agreement that discipline in the White House had dramatically improved with Kelly’s appointment. But Scarborough warned that, that state of affairs could blow up at any moment.

He took a pointed swipe at his morning show rival, Fox & Friends, to make the point.

“There’s been a sigh of relief since he’s been there that there is now a grown up running operations there,” Scarborough said “insiders” had told him. “This could all change in 15 minutes with the president watching Fox & Friends and tweeting out that martians are coming. But for now, the first week, week and a half, I give credit to John Kelly and I also give credit to the President of the United States for getting somebody strong.”

Of course — it cannot be overstated — the operative phrase on set — “So far.”

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